Woocommerce addon and E-commerce

Woocommerce addon is bundle of different Woocommerce FSE blocks and Woocommerce extended helpers.

This includes not only blocks but things that can improve conversion and speed on your shop because blocks of Woocommerce addon have much better performance than core Woocommerce blocks

Woocommerce add-on is a premium add-on and can be purchased as part of Woocommerce plan (includes also Query addon) and as part of the All in One plan

All in One plan with all current and future addons

Here is a set of all blocks of Woocommerce addon. Click on each block and find more details about each of them

  • Custom My Account page hooks for Woocommerce
    This block is called My Account hooks. It allows to make custom my account page. You can show orders, downloads, account edit sections in any place of site. You can also create custom my account page. So, steps for this is next We created ready template for you. You can download it in FSE template […]
  • Product Combos for Woocommerce
    Product Combo is similar to Bundles but they have a bit of another design and functionality. While bundles can be used to buy several products which are bundled together (for example main product and accessories), Product combos can be used only as paired products. You can add unlimited variations of combos. Each combo can have […]
  • Product Bundles block for Woocommerce
    You can use this block to increase the overall quantity of products in cart. It can be useful also for providing Accessories to the main product Users can select or deselect items. Also, you can set a discount for the bundle. Please, note that the discount is counted for all bundled products (except main product). […]
  • Free shipping bar for Woocommerce
    This block can add a special progress bar to your items and inside Sliding Cart button which notifies the user how much value is left for him to get Free shipping. Technically, it’s not required to use it only for free shipping. You can use it for any kind of notification, for example for special […]
  • Stock Progress bar Woocommerce
    Stock progress bar for WooCommerce is a block that can add a special progress bar with a stock notification for users. This can increase conversion because users can see that there are just a few items left and they need to make purchase right now. This block can be combined with Quick Buy button block […]
  • Quick Buy Button for Woocommerce
    Quick Buy Button can be enabled In Single Product Template Button block which is variation of Add to cart Button block but it’s made for Single product pages It looks next The difference between the regular Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons is that the latest one redirects the user directly to the checkout […]
  • Woocommerce Classic filter block
    Woocommerce has special block for adding filters on site. Unfortunately, it’s not stable, very slow and full of bugs which are not resolving for years. So, we added special block for Classic filter, which uses stable woocommerce widgets under the hood. There are also few benefits in our block
  • Multiple Images for Product Variations for Woocommerce
    By default, Woocommerce allows to use only one image for each variation. This feature will add gallery field to variations. This also supports Attachment replacement by video and 3d
  • 3D and Video Product Viewer for Woocommerce
    Product Image and Gallery block and Dynamic Gallery block support image replacement with 3d files and video files, youtube videos There are two ways to add files. File Gallery in Product Gallery On each product edit page, you will see next Here, you must add an image which will be used as a preview and […]
  • 360 Product Viewer for Woocommerce
    Product Image and Gallery block support 360 gallery viewer For this, we added special field inside product area (find it in sidebar when you edit product). Now, when you build product template, use Product Image and Gallery block, 360 gallery will be assigned to product gallery automatically if you add any images. So, it will […]
  • Woocommerce product swatches
    By default, woocommerce uses Select type for variation select and text values in specifications. Woocomerce addon adds several additional options for attribute types: color tag, text tag, image and image + text tag This feature supports variable selector, specification table and dynamic comparison How to add product swatches to Woocommerce FSE templates? When you create […]
  • Woocommerce sliding cart button
    This block is analog of Cart button block of woocommerce. It renders a special block (better to use in the header) where the user can see a number of items in the cart. Click on the cart button will open the sliding panel. You can also enable the sliding panel to open on every “add […]