Custom My Account page hooks for Woocommerce

This block is called My Account hooks. It allows to make custom my account page. You can show orders, downloads, account edit sections in any place of site.

You can also create custom my account page. So, steps for this is next

  1. Woocommerce – settings – Advanced. Here check your My account page. Now, edit page
  2. Remove woocommerce_my_account shortcode from page, instead of this, add Row block with two columns. One column will be used as navigation, second as content
  3. In Navigation area, put Advanced List block
  4. In Content Area, put Account hooks block and select My Account Section hook
  5. For advanced list block, you need to put proper links to each section. They are /orders, /downloads, /edit-address, /edit-account, /customer-logout, /payment-methods, /lost-password. Make sure that you added relative address to my-account page. For example, if your account page has address Then, you need to add links like

We created ready template for you. You can download it in FSE template section in library

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