Greenshift List of Blocks

Element BlockAdd fluent HTML elements with design, interactions
Advanced HeadingAdd headings, text gradients,
numbered headings
Slider/CarouselTurn any content into Slider or Carousel
Sliding PanelPopups, sliding panels, mega menus, tooltips
Table of ContentCreate autogenerated Table Of content
3d Model ViewerAdd real 3d on your site with AR and camera
Spline 3d ViewerAdd Interactive 3d on your site with Spline App
Advanced ListsMake advanced extra lists with icon and text
Tabs for anythingAdd tabs to any kind of content on your site
Flexible ContainerImproved Container Wrapper with Flexbox, grid
Row blockGeneral Layout Block, Responsive columns
AccordionAdd accordion, FAQ blocks with FAQ schema
Shape DividerAdd special svg shape dividers to blocks
3D FlipBoxMake own 3d flipping box block with WOW effect
Icon boxAdd Icon, select predefined, upload own icon
SVG ShapeCentral block to deal with any SVG content
SVG Text PathMake text aligned by SVG path or shape
Advanced ImageMore extended Image block with design options
Info/Notice boxSimple infoboxes to add notices on your site
Color Title boxAdd featured box with content on your site
Content TogglerAdd Toggle for spoilers or long read text
Counter blockAdd In view counters for any numbers on site
CountdownAdd light weight Countdown timer on site
Advanced ButtonAdvanced buttons with subtitles, icons
Video BlockAdd video with lightbox, preview, thumbnails
Social shareAdd share scripts with special buttons
Switcher blockAdd switchable content to your site
Dark mode SwitcherAdd dark mode switcher to your site
Map blockAdd google or openstreet noApi maps
Progress BarAdd circle or bar progress block on site
Form ElementsBuild simple frontend forms for your site
Animation Addon

Animation addon is set of blocks and extra global options to make modern animations on your site. Addon is also available in Design Pack

Animation ContainerAll in one set of customizable animation effects
Lottie/DotLottieUse Lottie files, Interactions with 100% web vitals
RIVE App BlockUse new Rive app files in WordPress with GS API
Image SequencerMake Apple-style video effect from image sequence
Video ScrollerMake Apple-style video effect from video file
Flip StateMake custom floating panels and smooth movements
Pin ScrollMake a pin effect while scrolling of site
Filterable ContentCurrent page uses Flip filter block filters
Reveal Slide EffectMake sliding reveal effect on any block
Mouse ShiftMake mouse interactions effect with slide and tilt
Parallax EffectMake a parallax effect for any block or text
Background ParallaxMake special container with background parallax
Mouse FollowMake mouse follow effect for cursor on site
Page NavigationMake tabs or Navigation dots for sections
Horizontal ScrollAdd Fake Horizontal Scroll Effect to blocks
Smooth ScrollAdd Smooth Scroll Effect and set of quick effect classes
Blob MakerMake floating blobs including gradients and masks
SEO and Marketing Addon

SEO addon gives you access to special high conversion blocks to make money on site. It has also link parser, link hidder and special tool for simple replacing all affiliate ids on your links. Addon is also available in Seo pack

Offer boxSpecial offer box block with link parser and hight CTA
Comparison builderSpecial table builder to compare different items
How to BlockBuild any kind of instructions with SEO schema
Event BoxBuild event ticket, meeting blocks with SEO schema
Popup buttonSimple popup builder with button trigger
Review boxSpecial block with review, criterias and pros/cons
Score BoxProduct scorebox with pros/cons and button
Fast image sliderCompact, simple and super lightweight slider for images
Compact ListingCompact listing builder for external offers
Full Listing BuilderFull width listing builder with many elements
Woocommerce boxImport your woocommerce products into posts
Versus PatternSpecial pattern for making versus blocks
HotSpot BlockMake hotspot on image or other blocks
Link HidderHide any link from SEO engines
Query Dynamic Addon

Query addon allows to add dynamic blocks on site with server side. Make different kind of post listings, post grids, add directory features on-site, retrieve any meta value and add user interactions: thumbs, wishlists. Addon is also available in Design pack

Advanced ListingBuild post/product listing, woocommerce support
Query BuilderBuild any kind of listing or grid from your items
Repeater BuilderBuild own render for any repeatable and related items
Slider Query BuilderBuild any kind of slider from your query builder
Dynamic FieldsAdd wide range of dynamic data to your site
Query PatternsSpecial set of query patterns with extended design
Taxonomy ArchiveShow your categories in better way
Thumb/Hot CounterAdd thumbs to your inner posts or loops
Taxonomy Repeater Build custom design for taxonomy term lists/grid
User Repeater Build custom User lists/grids for your site
WishlistAdd wishlist to your inner pages or loop
Meta GetterGet any kind of meta value/attribute/user meta
Visibility ConditionShow inner blocks with different conditions
Login PopupMake custom login block form with ajax
Template BuilderMake custom templates for categories, users, CPT
Dynamic SwitcherAdd global user choices to your site
Parent-child listAdd categorizator from your hierarchical post types
BreadCrumbsAdd breadcrumbs with support for pages
Dynamic GalleryRetrieve gallery from custom fields as grid or slider
Gallery BlockUpload self-hosted images and videos to the gallery
360 Gallery BlockCircular gallery from dynamic field or uploaded images
Dynamic MapRetrieve map location from dynamic fields
Woocommerce Addon

Woocommerce addon unlocks for you FSE blocks for product templates and helper tools for your e-shop

Woo Query BuilderBuild product loop with any design and styles
Product ComparisonCompare your products dynamically on site
Product GalleryImage and gallery FSE block with video support
Variation’s GalleryAssign multiple images to each variation
360 product viewerAdd a circular 360 gallery to your product gallery
3D/video viewerAdd real 3d and video viewer in a product gallery
Product TabsCustomizable product tabs FSE block
Product Quick ViewQuick view lightweight button for fast product preview
Attribute groupsBetter attribute management system with groups
Sliding Cart ButtonHeader block with cart item counter and sliding panel
Product Swatches Add custom attribute types in variations and tables
Product Bundles Add bundles to your current product page
Product Combos Add combos to your current product page
Classic Filters Use stable classic product filters in Gutenberg
Product Button Add custom Add to cart button to your products
Quick Buy Button Add Quick Buy button to your products
Stock BarAdd Stock Progress bar on site (fake or real)
Free Shipping barAdd free shipping bar for items and cart
Product Price Customizable Price field for FSE templates
Product RatingCustomizable rating field for FSE templates
Product HooksAdd woocommerce hooks inside FSE templates
My account HooksMake custom my account page on woocommerce
Product AvailabilityAdd In stock and out of stock field in FSE templates
Product DiscountAuto-calculate discount value and show in FSE templates
Product SKUShow SKU field in your FSE templates for woocommerce
Product taxonomyShow category, tags customizable fields
Chart Addon

Chart addon allows to add different kind of chart diagrams: Bars, Line, Doughnut Charts, Smooth Lines, Stacked charts, etc

Chart AddonBuild different kind of dynamic charts
AI Generation Addons

AI generation tools can help you to integrate different AI-related features into your site

Smart Code AIBuild custom code with help of AI agent
Smart IframeControl and preview Iframe more easily
Niche AIMake niche review websites on autopilot