Questions and answers

What is refund guarantee period

We have a customer friendly 14-day* refund policy. After this period of time, you can get refund only if plugin is confirmed as not working on your site

Do you support RTL

Yes, plugin supports RTL because all blocks have align option, so you can replace left align to right align

Is it free or paid plugin?

Greenshift core is completely free and will be free always. You can download and update plugin from Free version has more than 20 blocks and can be used to build complex sites

Plugin has also several premium addons which can extend functionality with modern animations, special query features (to build listing, directories), SEO blocks for marketing and affiliate sites and Woocommerce addon to extend woocommerce blocks and product related features.

Is it working with any theme?

Yes, we don’t have any requirements from theme, however we recommend to use Gutenberg optimized themes and Block themes. For example, Greenshift theme

Reply time

Our average reply time is 12-24 hours. We do our best to answer you early, but in some complex questions, which require deep investigation or complex bug fixes, it can take up to 2-3 days