Query Addon and Dynamic blocks

When you add blocks on a page, they have static content. What you add in the block is what you will see on site. Dynamic blocks allow you to use dynamic data which is different for different pages. For example, a dynamic title allows one to get the title of a post and show it in global templates.

All our sites and even this documentation page use dynamic blocks (breadcrumb, dynamic title, categorization, and page navigation, etc).

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Dynamic fields require to have our Query addon. Query addon can be purchased as a separate addon, as part of the Design/Seo plan, and as part of the All in One plan

All in One plan with all current and future addons

Here is a set of all blocks of Query addon. Click on each block and find more details about each of them

  • Breadcrumbs block
    This block allows to add breadcrumbs to any post type. It supports page-sub page hierarchy and also categories-sub categories. Block has wide range of design options and you can set typography, colors, backgrounds, and borders for each element
  • 360 Image gallery
    This kind of block has similar options as Gallery block, but it works differently. Instead of using grid of images, it shows only one image per view. User can scroll or drag image and see all frames. There is also Autoplay. This block can be used also as dynamic block if you save your images […]
  • Gallery Block
    This is a variation of the Dynamic Gallery block where you can add static images uploaded in the media library. Gallery Block and Dynamic Gallery Block have a lot of functionality to style your image grid. This includes a selection of columns, sizes, grid options, shadows, borders, and CSS transitions. Here are a few examples. […]
  • Repeater Builder
    This kind of block is similar to Query Loop Builder but it’s used to retrieve values from repeatable blocks and related items from post itself rather than making loop of post items. Here is just few examples where it can be used This block supports Arrays, multi-dimensional arrays of data, arrays of post objects and […]
  • Dynamic map block
    Dynamic map is feature of Map block and allows you to attach dynamic values to Map markers. You can attach dynamic values for multiple markers and show them on page. Your custom field must save location with one of available structures This kind of structure is available in ACF map field or in multidimensional array […]
  • Dynamic Gallery Block
    This block is similar to the core gallery but dynamically retrieves data from custom meta. Currently, it has the next supported formats for fields. Array of URLs Example of field storage Array of attachment ids Array of image objects (ACF gallery type) Post images This type will get all images which are attached to post […]
  • Dynamic switcher
    Dynamic switcher (Local storage) is additional Option for Switcher block. You can enable these options only with enabled Query addon. It extends range of usage for switcher block. This option can enable saving user’s choice when he reopens site or reload page. Additionally, this option can assign special class to BODY so you can style […]
  • Slider Query Builder
    You can combine two high customizable blocks: Advanced Slider and Carousel and Query Builder block This block also supports Filter panel from Query Block
  • Query Builder
    Query Builder is similar to core Query Loop block, but it has next enhancements You can also add any kind of blocks inside Query Builder. We also prepared some dynamic fields special for Query Builder Do you want to know more about Query builder? Check our video Patterns Query Builder has many patterns. You can […]
  • Dynamic fields
    You can use many dynamic data inside different blocks. All dynamic fields support retrieving data from current item (so, you can build custom Single and Archive templates) and also data retrieval from definite items. For example, you can get image from other post. There are two basic types of dynamic fields: Hybrid dynamic and Full […]
  • Template replacement
    Template builder is option in reusable template section which allows you to overwrite pages in Classic themes, like category page, custom post type archives, taxonomy pages, user pages, 404 page, etc You can overwrite definite item (for example, template of specific category) or global item (for example, all category pages). With help of query loop […]
  • Login form block
    You can add login form with ajax login on page. Example If your site has installed Woocommerce, lost password and sign up will use Woocommerce my account and password recovery page. You can also set own labels, placeholders and links for lost password. In combination with Sliding panel block, you can build also login popup