Whitelabel addon

In current version of plugin, whitelabel is integrated directly in core and you don’t need to install any additional addons.

These were added with the next options:

  1. All licenses in Manage license window are hidden after you activate the license. Users can see that license is active but they don’t see the code of the license
  2. You can control activated sites from your account
  3. If the user doesn’t pay to your studio, you can deactivate his site in your account. License checking is scheduled each day, if the site is deactivated from the license, then, it will be automatically deactivated from the license and users can’t activate it again without their own license code
  4. The plugin doesn’t collect any data from site, only information about the activated license

Sometimes, you may need to disable specific links in plugin settings. For example, import/export feature or import demo feature

Do this with next CSS

a[href="admin.php?page=greenshift_demo"], a[href="?page=greenshift_demo"]{display:none}

Use it in plugin

Let us know if you need more Whitelabel options.