Here we will post most common problems which we found on user’s site

No styles on frontend

In case you have issues with styles, usually it’s because your hosting or site settings have a limited number of symbols that can be saved in the field. When your page is huge, the size of styles can break the limits and they will not be saved in the database.

It’s easy to fix. Go to greenshift settings – CSS managements and set to save styles inline in the block. Then, visit the page where you have a problem and resave it

Problem with Fonts

Another common problem is font and I see it quite often. Usually, users install site on an HTTP address, upload everything and then install SSL and HTTPS address, but browser will not load fonts and icons from old http. So, if you added SSL on site and made site as https address after site installation, make sure that you reuploaded static files. So, you need simply remove old files and upload them again

Also, if you use https on site, make sure that your site settings have https link and not http. Visit Settings – General and check site link

How to make a proper bug report