Animation addon

Animation add-on is a premium add-on and it has the purpose to give you a set of high-quality WOW animations on-site. Animation addon can be purchased as a separate addon, as part of the Design plan, and as part of All in One plan

All in One plan with all current and future addons

Here is a set of all blocks of Animation addon. Click on each block and find more details about each of them

  • Dynamic and interactive 3d block for WordPress
    Greenshift has many 3D blocks: a model viewer, a Spline3d Viewer, and a 3D Woocommerce gallery. The dynamic 3D block extends 3D functions even more and introduces 3D API. Dynamic 3d block has 3 basic dynamic options. Advanced Animations You can animated not only model parts but also camera and light Animations in 3d block […]
  • Video Scroll Block
    This block is very similar to Image sequence block, but it works directly with video. So, it’s more easy to use it because you don’t need to convert video to images. There are some conses also. Video can be not 100% predictable because different browsers can have different behaviour and rules how video can be […]
  • Spline3D Viewer
    <spline-viewer> for Greenshift Easily embed your 3d Spline scenes into your website directly in Gutenberg editor and use special Smart loader feature without degrading your web vitals score. In the same time, Greenshift supports all kind of Spline3d features + it has few additional features on top of Spline viewer (responsive sizes, self hosting for […]
  • Rive app WordPress addon
    Rive app is new animation editor for raster and vector graphic. Rive app features allows you to make not only interesting animations but also interactive via State Machine, Listeners and Event system. Greenshift animation addon allows you to use and configure Rive files directly in WordPress editor, but also we added additional WordPress API + […]
  • Horizontal Scroll
    A horizontal scroll is an excellent way to add something more fresh and unique to your site. It doesn’t work like regular carousel when user needs scroll from left to right. Instead of this, Horizontal scroll work as vertical. The user scrolls down but at some point, the scroll becomes to work from left to […]
  • Background parallax
    This effect makes background parallax when background image moves with different speed with wrapper. This can be used as Image Container block And even more cool, when you set it as full width block. There are many options in Parallax Background block. You can set different speed, scroll ration and Fade Overlay Effect
  • Page navigation block
    Page navigation block will create navigation for sections. You must add Rows or Containers inside so plugin can detect your sections. You can have two possible types of navigation: Simple dots (vertical, horizontal) or tabs. This is example of tabs. You must add the same number of tabs as you have number of sections
  • Filterable Content
    This block allows you to attach tick-filters to any kind of content of page. You can see demo of block on our site on block gallery page Now, when you create filters, you will find next interface You must copy these classes to block which you want to be under this filter You can add […]
  • Mouse Follow cursor effect
    Plugin has very powerful block for mouse follow effect. You can add custom mouse effect over block or for whole page or even site. Hover over block and click on image You can enable this effect on whole site in general settings
  • Parallax effect
    This effect is part of Animation Container block and allows to add vertical or horizontal shifting while scrolling. You can find this effect in Advanced tab of Animation container block. You can do the same effect via regular transform options but Parallax section is just more faster way to do this effect. Also, you can […]
  • Mouse shift effect
    This is another part of Animation container block and it can be enabled in Advanced tab of Animation container. Everything which you add to this container will interacted with mouse move. You can control strength of shift and strength of tilt effect Example
  • Reveal Slide effect
    Reveal effect is part of Animation Container block. You can find it in Advanced tab section. This effect is perfect for images. You can add some kind of square reveal. You can control color, duration, direction of slide Here is example