Spline3D Viewer

<spline-viewer> for Greenshift

Easily embed your 3d Spline scenes into your website directly in Gutenberg editor and use special Smart loader feature without degrading your web vitals score.

In the same time, Greenshift supports all kind of Spline3d features + it has few additional features on top of Spline viewer (responsive sizes, self hosting for splinecode files, custom preloader image, custom backgrounds and gradients, absolute positions, pining while scroll, etc)

Here are some examples.



In this example, we enabled Target as Global for both 3d blocks. This means that mouse and scroll related effects will detect position of mouse on whole page. Local target means that effects will be limited only area of 3d block


Look at

You can enable Look at effect in 3d layer to detect cursor position and animate accordingly

On Scroll animation

That’s all for scroll

Check how to use block. It’s really easy, just copy Spline3d Viewer script. Also yo can upload splinecode files

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