Unique features

Greenshift plugin has everything which you see in any popular page builder like Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer. But also, we decided to add a lot of unique functionalities which are absent in other plugins. Let me show you some of them


Smart LoadersBuild complex layouts without losing your web vitals

You may see a lot of cool pages which are made in page builders. Problems that they degrade your score on web vitals. In Greenshift we added best solutions to keep maximum speed: conditional asset loading, no jquery, no dependencies, no icon libraries, smart loaders for libraries


Use anywhere and dynamic loadingConvert reusable templates to shortcode and use in any page or other page builders

We understand that you can’t migrate to Greenshift immediately but you may want to use some of blocks. This is why we made the conversion for templates to shortcodes. And even more, we added also Ajax loading on view trigger, on click, on hover. Use it if you have something heavy on page and you want to improve page performance.

Also, you can use Hover trigger to make conditional loading for mega menus or if you want to hide something from search engines.


Smart scroll and carousel to anythingConvert regular columns or child items to scroll or carousel blocks

Do you want to convert regular columns to scrollable blocks on mobiles to make it looks like in mobile applications? Now you can do this easily.

Convert any columns to scroll block on mobiles

Also you can convert any items to carousel or scrollable block


Flexible Css Grid and Flexible container Turn any items to flexible container. Use super fast CSS grid for equal columns

When you need perfect equal columns, much better to use modern CSS grid rather than columns. Plugin has special Css grid container. Allows you to add columns, duplicate them, merge, remove, set equal gaps, etc

Also, you can use Flexible container option to make perfect align of any items

Do you need even more flexibility? Check our new update with options to control also each child items of CSS grid to build very custom layouts


Advanced Sliders and carouselsEasily convert galleries to sliders and carousels

You can add images to post via gallery block, then convert it to slider with extended functionality and many possible sliding effects and options

Also, Grid Containers can be converted to slider


Shape dividersAdd simple or advanced shapes to block

Add shapes to top or bottom part of block (or together). Sync them with background of page to get interesting effects. Shape dividers can also have gradients, half opacity, animation, offset and position control


3d FlipboxesAdd WOW effect with 3d flipboxes

You can control each side of flipbox. Both of them are containers so you can add anything to each side. You can add z transform to each block to add strength for 3d effect.


Custom sliding panels and popupsMake own sliding panels for popups, menus, system items

Now, you don’t need to install another plugin if you want to make popup, sliding panel or mega menu. Sliding panel block is all in one instrument to build own panels and add anything to them. It doesn’t matter how you will use it: for megamenu or for marketing popup, for cart or for login form.


Parental Hover CSS transitionsMake custom CSS effects, hover effects or transforms

This could look simple, but in any other plugins, you can add hover effect only to element itself. In Greenshift you can build own hover effect which can be triggered by Hover on Parent block (including any depth). As example, you can show hidden button when you hover on card. In combination with Container link, you can build linkable animated banners


Overlay transitionsAdd animations for overlays

Add secondary background layer to block. Difference from regular background is that you can animate this layer and add hover and in view animations. There are a lot of predefined options which you can mix together for unique effects


Advanced Heading and TypographyBuild complex headings

This block is not just simple heading with color control. It’s all in one text controller. Add gradients, image masks, animated text highlighters, secondary title, additional elements, circled numbers (like in this post) or even heading sliders

You can use Also Fluid Typography


Animate anythingJust choose any block and animate it

Now, you are not limited with predefined animations. Add own which you like more. Control any transform option, opacity, origin point, delay, time and many other things.

And if it’s not enough, use Animation addon


Query Loop ControllerBuild complex loop

Query Loop core block is not just post block. It works like constructor and you can build own post loop. With Query Controller option for Container block, you can make even more, because it adds design controls which are not available in WordPress.

Also, you can turn query block to carousel

And if you want to have ready patterns for query block, use Query Addon


Use 3d modelsAdd real 3d on your site with AR

Did you see possibility to show models directly in your room, for example, furniture? Now, you can add this on your site without any code knowledge. It works with glb, gltf formats


Infinite animationsBuild simple Breathe effect

Add infinite CSS transformations to add some simple magic to your blocks. Make your images breathe


3d shadows for text and blocksUse up to 3 shadows at once

Other plugins give you option to add shadow. Greenshift plugin gives you option to add 3 shadows at once


Advanced Table of ContentAdd TOC with sticky panel

You can add not only TOC, but also you can enable sticky TOC which is mobile optimized. TOC will be autogenerated based on core heading blocks


Advanced Responsive optionsControl 4 breakpoints

Control up to 4 breakpoints and add responsive possibilities to your blocks

Also, you can use modern Fluid typography options, and variable width.


Add tabs to anythingMobile responsive tabs

You can add tabs with any blocks. Add also images, subtitles, control type of tabs, make them vertical, add slider and auto switch, turn tabs to scrollable block on mobiles


Set position with drag and dropEasy way to set Absolute position or Transformations

You know how limited WordPress core blocks in term or design and responsive options. Now, it’s time to change how you use editor


Body class and cookie saving buttonsBuild user’s saved custom layouts

Assign cross-site save classes when user clicks on button block

This can be used in many scenarios:

  1. To save user choice when he closes Exit Intent Popup
  2. To show different layouts based on user choice (grid, list, etc)
  3. To make Night mode
  4. To hide marketing, ads blocks
  5. To design elements based on user choice

Figma styles to Attribute conversionsEasily copy styles from Figma to Gutenberg blocks


Reusable stylesAssign common used dynamic styles to blocks


Custom default styles for blocksBuild predefined styles for new blocks


All of these are just in Free version. Much more in Premium addons

  • Advanced Animation
  • Dynamic blocks
  • Conditional Visibility
  • Category page, user page, CPT archive customization
  • Special conversion optimized SEO and marketing blocks.
  • Charts and diagrams
Do you need more?Check our block library