Figma to Greenshift pluginIn All in one plan

We already made Stylebook plugin for Figma and it’s synchronization with Greenshift. Also, option to convert css to attributes is available. Now, it’s time to finish our plugin which can turn whole Figma design to WordPress blocks in one click


ComponentsMore advanced type of Reusable templates

I think you use Reusable templates. Components is next step. This works similar to Reusable templates but you can set to edit specific attributes to be editable. Also, Figma components to WP is on plans


Woocommerce Bundles and CombosFor woocommerce addon

We continue to improve our woo addon and this time we plan to add two important features which can significantly increase conversion on your sites


Header and button presetsFor advanced heading block

This option will add some extra cool design presets to heading block and buttons which you can select with one click


Table builder for Seo addonBuild complex tables easily

This block improves core table block on your site. You can add any blocks (images, text, dynamic blocks) inside each cell, and configure design for each cell, row and column separately


Search filter plugins support for Query addon

This will add support for JetSmartFilters and Search Filters PRO plugin


Landing page libraryBuild pages faster

Plugin already has library with many elements, now it’s time to extend it with patterns and Full page templates (Figma sources will be available for All in One Plans)


Night Mode ColorsAssign separate colors to regular and nightmode

This will allow to set separate color system for Night mode and regular


Menu BuilderMore improved Navigation block for WordPress


API ConnectorWe plan to connect our Interaction panels, Repeater builder and API connector interface to make full functional API retrieval and chat builders in WordPress with No code