ACF repeater builder, ACF gallery fieldIn Query Addon

This will continue to improve dynamic fields and gives more options for usage for repeatable values. Currently plugin has Repeater ACF but it’s generating table with data. Repeater builder will allow to generate custom design for repeater fields of ACF


Woocommerce addonAdd more to your shop

Woocommerce addon can extend your shop with additional modules. Unlike other plugins, this addon follows our policy to keep everything extremely fast and optimized.

Addon will have next modules:

  1. Comparisons
  2. Attribute group builder
  3. Woocommerce grid builder
  4. Blocks for FSE and single product page builder
  5. Sliding cart
  6. Quick View

Interaction layersFor animation addon

Currently, plugin has many animation features. Interaction layers will extend basic animation features. In Advanced tab – Animation you can add simple animations. In CSS transform – you can add simple transformations including for hover state and infinite animations. This is great but this can create conflicts, for example, if you want to attach appearance animations + hover animation + infinite animation to the same block. In current point, to prevent such conflicts, you need to wrap block with several animation containers.

Interaction layers will solve this and makes more easy. You can add unlimited simple CSS effects with different triggers to the same block without using many containers. This will use regular CSS without javascript libraries. So, it’s super fast and non render blocking.


Header presetsFor advanced heading block

This option will add some extra cool design presets to heading block


Table builder for Seo addonBuild complex tables easily

This block improves core table block on your site. You can add any blocks (images, text, dynamic blocks) inside each cell, and configure design for each cell, row and column separately


Form BuilderBuild simple forms, like contact form

This update will give simple form builder so you can make Contact forms, Request forms. It’s not planned to be heavy form builder like Gravity forms, but in most of scenarios, you simply don’t need such heavy forms when you need something simple.


JetEngine supportfor Query addon

This will add support for JetSmartFilters and additional type of data from JetEngine


WireFrame pattern library and Full page libraryBuild pages faster

Plugin already has library with many elements, now it’s time to extend it with patterns and Full page templates (Figma sources will be available for All in One Plans)