Global Settings

Greenshift has a couple of global settings so let’s dive into some of them. You can always return to settings if you click on Greenshift – Settings

Get started

In this section, you can find some important links to new tutorials and other information, so let’s skip it for now


This page is used for all global things. In font options, you can find a panel to upload local fonts. We always recommend using local fonts on site instead of using Google fonts in typography options.

Font options

Find more about how to use Local fonts


When you edit your site, you may need to make it different on different devices, for this purpose, all panels and most of the options have special device icons. Greenshift plugin uses the same breakpoints as in Bootstrap or in many popular frameworks, but you may want to change to your own, this setting can help you in this

Read more about responsive options

Css options

Greenshift saves CSS inside post meta. In some scenarios, this can not work as expected (for example, when you see unstyled elements on site). This option can change the way the plugin saves css and fix this

Script Options

Here you can enable the delay feature for scripts. This will help to make a much better speed score for sites where you have many animations or scripts

How to get perfect speed on heavy pages

If you want to inject something in Head section (not the same as the header) or in the footer, for example, Adsense code or Analytics, you can do this in this section

API keys

Greenshift has many extra blocks that can require API keys. For example, Map block or Smart Code AI block

Addons and Licenses

Here you can set/download your addons and add your licenses.

Take attention. If you want to use addon, you need to download and activate it and also activate licenses.

Import/Export and Demo Site

In these sections, you can export your settings and templates. This will include: reusable templates, FSE templates, and Plugin settings (which includes also class system, variables, and global elements)


Please read about Stylebook in the next part of the documentation