About Us

Wpsoul is a team of developers located in different parts of the world (Ukraine, India, Bulgaria, Vietnam). We started a long time ago as technical bloggers and publishers, but we love WordPress and continued as developers. For the first time, we made some plugins and themes for our projects, because 15 years ago it was hard to find specific functionality.

You may know our product Rehub theme, which was featured on many WordPress sites and reviews and have more than 30000 sales. At the same time, the theme is one of the best-reviewed themes on Envato with more than 1500 5-star ratings and an overall rating 4.93

It was featured also on Amazon blog

Our Greenshift plugin is a tool that was born in cooperation between Wpsoul and Sizam Design team and gathered best practices from our common experience.

This is how our journey with WordPress started and now, after 15 years we continue to like what we are doing and we are concentrated on giving you most valuable and unique possibilities with WordPress.