Quick Copy – paste styles

There is a quick option in Greenshift that can copy styles from one block and paste them into another (but the content will remain the same)

You can find this option by clicking on the brush icon in the toolbar

This option has also a special type to copy to all blocks with the same kind. For example, if you have 10 buttons on page, you can copy style from one and paste it to all 10 other buttons at once

Copy style option to all kind of blocks checks all blocks on page, but you can also limit it by specific inner items. For this, simply select parent container. This will limit paste only by selected container’s inner items

You can also copy separate design styles

Copying Class styles

You can copy not only attributes but also styles that are attached to Class system. When you select global/local class, click on the brush icon for the context menu

It’s working the same as for copying by design type. Click to copy styles in one class. Then select any other class and click to Paste styles.

You can copy not only class styles but also sub selectors styles

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