Repeater Builder

This kind of block is similar to Query Loop Builder but it’s used to retrieve values from repeatable blocks and related items from post itself rather than making loop of post items.

Here is just few examples where it can be used

  1. Attaching repeatable offers to Product pages
  2. Attaching related items from other post types (accessories, reviews)
  3. Attaching related items from the same post type
  4. Making cross links between different post types
  5. Listing repeatable items or attached Groups from custom fields
  6. Rendering data from ACF repeater fields and repeater field types of third party plugins
  7. Rendering Relationship type of fields

This block supports Arrays, multi-dimensional arrays of data, arrays of post objects and single post object. Next types are available for data storage

  1. ACF Repeater field
  2. Arrays that are saved in custom fields (repeater, groups)
  3. Relationship Post objects (for example, ACF related posts which are saved as post objects
  4. Relationship Post Ids (for example, ACF related posts which are saved as post ids)

Design options from Query Builder are also supported. You can set column numbers, merge, span columns, add borders, shadows, spacing, colors, etc.

You can also convert repeatable items to slider.

The principles of work for repeater builder are very simple. You select the field where you store your repeater data, then, click to edit your grid and add/map your blocks with auto-detected data from fields.

Inside repeater builder you can use any blocks, but there are some dynamic blocks which support retrieving repeated values

  1. Dynamic Title (for titles)
  2. Dynamic Image (for image)
  3. Meta getter (universal block for getting different kind of data. it has also support for custom prefix, postfix, icons, data conversion to different formats).
  4. Progress bar (in scenarios if you want to format data as lines, circle bars, etc)
  5. Video block
  6. Gallery Block
  7. Repeater builder (for nested repeater fields)

This block can be used also inside Query Builder so you can make nested loops inside your items.

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