7.9 Major update – animation chains, support for Search and Filter plugin, ACPT repeater block, Chimps style for Meta getter

Another major update with many improvements and new functions. I will show only most important

Improvement Animation panel on block level

We continue to move features from Animation Container block to Animation panel which is available on all blocks. This makes it more intuitive and keep less DOM size because you don’t need to wrap element with Animation Container to make advanced animations.

Now, we added several new options in Animation panel

Now you can enable SVG draw and move along SVG path directly from block. We have video about svg features. Video is about Animation Container, but now you can find the same options on block level

Multiple Animation chains

This feature allows you to add chains in animations. So, you can make complex movements that consist of different directions and timings. You can add step by step animations on different blocks which is triggered from one element

Comma to tags feature in Meta getter block

For example, in your field, data is saved in format value 1, value 2, value 3. Previously, it was possible to convert this into list, now you can convert also into tags. Also, taxonomy terms in wordpress are saved in comma format so you can use it to style your categories of posts as tags

ACPT repeater support for Repeater builder

ACPT saves repeater field in not usual format, previously it was not possible to get such data in proper order, now, Repeater builder supports ACPT repeater type

Support for Search and Filter plugin

Currently, this is supported only in SaF version 3 which is not in public release, once it will have stable release, we will make documentation how to use plugin with GS query builder block

Better support buttons without text

Previously, it was better to use Iconbox for such kind of buttons (circle buttons with icons), now, you can do this also via Button block, for this, we added option to disable Text when you enable Icon

I was surprised, but woocommerce still have no option to control size of thumbnails. By default it makes it cropped with 100*100 and to change this you need to make custom code. So, now, Woo addon Product image and Gallery block has option to choose another image size instead of Woo thumbnails. This will make them with higher quality.

There are many other improvements in UI, fixes, new slider options, new templates and layouts in library

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