Woocommerce product hooks

This is FSE block that can be used in FSE templates and in a query builder block.

Classic themes and woocommerce addons usually use Woocommerce hook system to inject their functionality, but when you build a site with blocks, these hooks are not placed in the content. So, if you have any problems with incompatibilities with plugins, then you can ask developers of plugins which hook they use and then use Woocommerce product hook block to add this hook on page.

Be aware, that each hook in woocommerce has attached render function, so, if you don’t want to have any unwanted elements which are attached to hook block, you can disable render functions in Woocommerce – settings – Greenshift Tools

This option will disable render functions also in the Woocommerce Legacy template, so you need to use it only if you use the FSE theme and you built all templates via blocks.

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