You can add wishlist button to your posts, products, and query loops. It has a highly customizable design, support for cache plugins and header elements, the possibility to restrict from guests, and support for guest wishlists (users don’t need to be registered).

Wishlist button example

Add to wishlistAdded to wishlist191

You can also disable text and counter and show only icon


Wishlist block supports also query loops and all blocks which has post id context.

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    Rive app WordPress addon


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    Parent-child categorizator


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    Switcher block


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    Dynamic switcher


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    Theme integration with Greenshift


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    Quick tip on how to make extremely heavily animated pages with 100 scores on web vitals


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    Slider Query Builder


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    Query Builder


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    Dynamic fields


You can also add wishlist counter to header with all wishlisted items of user and link to wishlist result page

Wishlist result page has all information about post and share possibility. If you use wishlist with woocommerce, then, it will show also price, stock status, add to cart button

Wishlist result page

There is nothing in your wishlist

Custom Wishlist result pages

You can also make custom pages for wishlists with your custom Query Builder. For this, select Wishlist in Data Query types. Then, build your grid. Plugin will automatically detect wishlist items of user on frontend and show him only items from wishlist

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