Rewriting affiliate links on site with SEO addon

If you are a professional affiliate publisher, you know how it’s important to have the ability to change your affiliate URLs. It can be because of different reasons. For example, your affiliate account was banned or you simply want to experiment with different accounts or you want to convert your old simple links to affiliate links. In SEO addon of Greenshift, we added Rewrite link option. You can rewrite or add affiliate id to your links on your site now.

This panel modifies links which you added to blocks of SEO addon + button block of Greenshift + Container link section. Also, it modifies links in post content.

It can modify two type of links

Modifying Amazon like affiliate id

Affiliate domain is domain of link which you want to change. For example, if you want to change only amazon links on your site, use

Affiliate ID is your ID that gives you a commission. You can read more in beginner guide for affiliates if you don’t understand what it means

The tag parameter is most important. It allows the plugin to detect parameter which is responsible for affiliate ID. There are two basic affiliate id parameters. First is DIRECT links. For example, in Amazon, your affiliate id parameter is added as tag=yourID.

So, this is a simple link And this is an affiliate link with your id 

tag= is placed in the link after symbol ? or after symbol & if link has other parameters. Such parameter is called the query string parameter. Such DIRECT links with affiliate id parameter is always better because it’s more organic. Such affiliate links are usually available in direct shop partner programs

There is also another affiliate link type, usually, from Affiliate Networks. Links look like

As you see, it’s like two links combined into one. First is

and second is link to original product

First part is your affiliate ID and it’s called Deeplink. To add affiliate parameter to such link, you must add like this

where you need to add next line in second parameter

Make sure that you enabled option “Deeplink = yes” for such links

Multiauthor blogs and sharing profit with author and admin

Additionally, the plugin has the option to set probability in the fourth parameter and user role where you need to apply the change. This can be helpful if you have a multiauthor blog and you want to share profit from user-submitted post offers. So, you can set 50% – this means that the plugin will change the link to your affiliate ID only on 50% of cases, in another case, it will have the affiliate ID of the user.