Major update 8.0 – woocommerce conversion pack, improvements in UI, more options in Stylebook, slider improvements, new FSE template section in library

This major update has emphasis on Woocommerce with new Conversion set of new features and blocks. This pack allows you to increase conversion in sales and gives more freedom in design of inner pages

Conversion pack

So, conversion pack includes: Buy Now button option for cart buttons, Product Combo feature, Product Bundle feature, Stock bar, Free shipping bar. You can find them in our library by Conversion tag

We plan to add more and more blocks to this section.

Background option in Stylebook

If you know that all headings are white and background will be black, then, it’s more better to use dark Global Background, now you can add it in Stylebook.

Please, note that this will change also background color of edit area in editor.

Slider Improvements

There are many slider improvements. Especially you may like new feature for Reverse slider

More dynamic options

Text and heading block can have Dynamic option where you can show different data for current user. Previously it was possible only in fully dynamic blocks like Meta getter, now you can use the same in Hybrid blocks

My account hooks and new FSE template section

We added special my account hooks so you can create custom my account pages. We also opened new Library section – Templates, here we will post soon many ready templates for a single product page, inner post page, archives, query loops, header, footer template parts, and system pages. We added My account template as first template here

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