Addons Changelog

Animation Addon
Query Addon
Seo Addon
Woocommerce Addon
3.4.2 version – 29 June 2023

Update: GSAP update. Now, parallax and scroll interpolation is working without problems if you use it on the first screen with the empty start trigger settings.

3.4.1 version – 20 June 2023

Update: On Slider Trigger for Animation Container

3.4 version – 20 May 2023

Added: New Video Scroll Block

3.3.4 version – 9 May 2023

Update: GSAP library update

3.3 version – 29 Jan 2023

Added: New Rive Block
Added: Flexbox option for Animation Container
Added: DotLottie block

3.2.3 version – 26 Nov 2022

Fix: Image sequence flashing in WP 6.1

3.2 version – 14 Oct 2022

Added: Dynamic Fields for Parallax Background block
Added: Clip option for Reveal options in Animation Container
Updated: GSAP library to 3.11.3

3.1.8 version – 15 Sep 2022

Added: Tabs in Page navigation block have autoscroll on mobiles

3.1 version – 7 Sep 2022

Added: Page navigation block
Added: Parallax background block
Added: Horizontal scroll Block
Added: Options to animate CSS variables for Animation container
Added: Mobile options for animation container
Added: Reveal effect in Animation container has Gradient option
Added: Animation container has Align and width option
Added: Observer trigger for Animation container
Added: Mouse follow trigger for Animation container
Added: Video play option for Animation container
Added: Custom ease for Animation container
Added: Multiple animations have option to be additive to previous value
Added: Preview mode for PinScroll for better testing in editor

1.9 version – 15 Aug 2022

Added: Mask text option for Animation content Inner text type
Added: Skew option for animation container

1.8.8 version – 10 Aug 2022

Added: Batch Scroll type for Animation Container block
Added: Animated highlight for Advanced text block

1.8.3 version – 1 Jun 2022

Added: PinScroll block
Added: Improved logic for image sequencer, updated GSAP library

3.5 version – 10 Sep 2023

Added: Value Link for Meta getter block
Fix: separate link option for Dynamic title

3.4 version – 4 Sep 2023

Added: RelationShip field for Query Loop
Added: Fallback image for Dynamic Image block
Added: Image size selector for Taxonomy archive
Added: Custom link option for Dynamic title and Image
Fix: Pagination for some scenarios

3.3 version – 27 Aug 2023

Added: Dynamic fields in Repeater builder support nested values
Added: Visibility block supports Repeater builder
Added: Prev/Next query for Query Builder + pattern for prev/next

3.2.5 version – 18 Aug 2023

Added: Meta getter has Archive Meta type
Added: Spacing visual option for dynamic title and image

3.2.2 version – 13 Aug 2023

Added: Widget title options for Query grid

3.2.1 version – 11 Aug 2023

Added: Better performance for Query and visibility block in editor
Added: Improved dynamic video functionality

3.1.5 version – 29 July 2023

Added: Number format to meta getter data format
Added: Author email for User meta type in Meta getter
Added: JetEngine Map field support

3.0 version – 3 July 2023

Added: Gallery block now supports 3d files for image replacements
Added: MetaBox plugin Relationship source type added to Query Builder

3.0 version – 24 Jun 2023

Added: 360 gallery block
Added: 360 Dynamic gallery block
Added: Dynamic gallery block supports attaching 3d files

2.9.8 version – 20 Jun 2023

Added: Option to add custom No More post label for query grid
Fix: Custom Lazy load for dynamic images

2.9.8 version – 10 Jun 2023

Added: Countdown Dynamic fields
Added: Option for dynamic gallery to select image size (only if you use Array of Ids as input)

2.9.6 version – 5 Jun 2023

Added: Batch Scroll support for Infinite scroll and Filter panels
Added: Date placeholders for meta field queries
Added: Order by DATE and DATETIME for meta field ordering
Added: More Compare operators for Meta field queries

2.9.5 version – 27 May 2023

Added: Container image (Featured image) option for Query builder
Added: Overlay option for Query builder (including CSS backdrop filters)

2.9.4 version – 23 May 2023

Added: Post filters in Query builder
Added: Product swatches for Meta getter block

2.9.3 version – 9 May 2023

Fix: Fixes for sorting order, improves for gallery block, new better way for CSS generation for Query builder, better ajax support for wishlists

2.9.1 version – 5 May 2023

Added: Gallery block (for static images)
Added: Video option to gallery block

2.8 version – 1 May 2023

Added: Gallery field supports repeatable block
Added: Repeatable block can be nested
Added: Ads and custom code option for query builder block

2.8 version – 18 Apr 2023

Added: Taxonomy archive block improvements (option for taxonomy images, title background, etc)
Added: Fix for shortcode block in Query grid and other fixes

2.6 version – 14 Apr 2023

Added: Visibility panel to all GS blocks (it’s working in the same way as the Visibility block)
Added: REGEX option for Url Query for visibility
Added: Gallery field support Metabox Advanced Image field

2.3 version – 3 Apr 2023

Added: Option to get child of current page in Query settings (Query Builder)
Fix: fix for border option in dynamic image

2.3 version – 1 Apr 2023

Added: Current User fields for Meta getter
Added: Image Aspect ratio option
Added: Dynamic title supports also custom fields

2.3 version – 25 Mar 2023

Added: Query Builder supports woocommerce FSE filter blocks
Added: Dynamic placeholders for custom field conditions to support reverse relations and dynamic Post and Author Ids

2.0 version – 15 Mar 2023

Added: Repeater Builder block and Relationship types
Added: Dynamic blocks support repeater context automatically

1.8 version – 8 Mar 2023

Added: Now you can use field keys with arrays for all dynamic fields. Example, field[0][key] This allows to get values even from associated arrays or groups
Added: Related posts option for Query builder
Added: Comma like values to list Formating. Now, you can turn tags, fields from comma separated to lists. Also, you can divide list by columns and add custom icons
Added: Gallery field has also support for Post Thumbnail addition
Added: ACF File field support in Meta getter

1.7 version – 1 Mar 2023

Added: Progress bar has new Circle Style type
Added: Dynamic fields for progress bar
Added: Dynamic fields for counter
Added: Option to retrieve values from multidimensional arrays in dynamic fields

1.6 version – 20 Feb 2023

Added: Taxonomy archive block has option to get image from taxonomy meta
Added: New Hover Grid design template for Taxonomy Archive
Added: Container link option for Query Builder
Added: Cover grid pattern for Query builder
Added: New Dynamic Gallery Block

1.5 version – 25 Jan 2023

Added: Post processor for Meta getter has Link conversion option
Added: Taxonomy Archive has option to detect and show only child items on archives
Added: New block – Parent-child categorizator
Added: Dynamic fields for Image block and Taxonomy meta will get taxonomy of post if you use it in Post template

1.4.1 version – 5 Jan 2023

Added: Option to convert blocks to Visibility Block and some fixes

1.4 version – 30 Dec 2022

Added: Cookie option in visibility block
Added: Mobile version for visibility block
Added: Multiple meta/taxonomy conditions for query block
Added: More wishlist icon variations and some fixes

1.3.2 version – 7 Dec 2022

Added: Mail link Data type in Meta getter block
Added: Focal point in dynamic image block

1.3.1 version – 2 Dec 2022

Added: Multiple visibility conditions for Visibility block
Added: Wishlist Type for Data query types to build custom wishlists
Added: Woocommerce addon support and Woocommerce query builder
Added: Option to exclude current taxonomy from taxonomy block

1.2.2 version – 29 Nov 2022

Added: Date format for Meta getter Post formaters
Added: Comment count for Meta getter Post data type
Added: Much better speed for Query Loop Builder
Fix: Query loop fails if you have no posts on site

1.2.1 version – 7 Nov 2022

Added: Meta getter custom field has special Post Formatting selector. This is useful if you use WYSIWYG fields in your custom fields

1.2 version – 3 Nov 2022

Added: Author selector has option to show posts of Current Logged user in Query Builder
Added: Css transformations for items in Query Loop builder
Added: Custom gap option in Query Loop Builder
Added: Template replacement improvement for Single Page (option to overwrite definite items and items with definite taxonomies)

1.1.3 version – 20 Oct 2022

Added: Width, Height, Clamp option to dynamic title and Meta getter

1.1 version – 19 Oct 2022

Added: Exist and not exist option for Custom fields in Visibility block + Taxonomy meta condition
Added: Dynamic URL to Container URL in Container block

1.0.6 version – 17 Oct 2022

Added: Fixes for visibility block and query grid

1.0 version – 14 Oct 2022

Added: Template replacement option for Single pages
Added: Query Builder Block
Added: Slider Query Block
Added: Updated Meta Getter block
Added: Dynamic Fields option (in Advanced text, Advanced Heading, VideoBox, Button Block)
Added: New options for Visibility block: Query string, Referral, Time period
Breaking change: Meta getter, Wishlist block’s styling architecture was changed to make it work inside Query Builder block. If you used this block before, you need to resave page where you created this block.
Breaking change: Template replacement feature for Reusable templates has another architecture now to be more scalable and with better performance in scenarios when you use many replacements. You need to resave your Reusable templates where you have replacements and click on special button in Replacement panel to save template to database

0.9.7 version – 15 Sep 2022

Added: Template replacement option for 404 page

0.9.6 version – 7 Sep 2022

Added: Post title and Post Featured image blocks for upcoming Query Builder and fix for taxonomy archive

0.9.1 version – 7 July 2022

Added: Option to overwrite Post type Archive pages in Template replacement

0.9 version – 5 July 2022

Added: Meta getter block has ACF type of fields to get multi value fields, image field and repeatable fields

0.8 version – 20 Jun 2022

Added: Template replacement option in Reusable template section. Now, you can overwrite archive pages (categories, tags, etc) and user archives with your own custom templates

0.7 version – 10 Jun 2022

Added: New patterns for Query loop block and new styles for core blocks inside query loop

0.6 version – 1 Jun 2022

Added: Meta getter has better Retrieve value login
Added: Listing builder has option to show user rating field for woocommerce products version – 13 Aug 2023

Added: Compatibility with PHP 8.2 version

0.9.6 version – 29 Nov 2022

Fix: Woocommerce box block

0.9.4 version – 7 Nov 2022

Fix: small fixes in Offer box

0.9.3 version – 4 Nov 2022

Added: Review score in Offer box can have decimal values in stars + better color management for Comparison table

0.9 version – 17 Oct 2022

Added: Multiple button option for Offer block

0.8 version – 10 Aug 2022

Added: Mass Link Rewrite option

1.4.7 version – 6 Sep 2023

Added: Overlay and icon effects to Add to cart
Added: Better PHP 8.2 compatibility

1.4.6 version – 18 Aug 2023

Added: Pattern for Product Search result FSE template
Added: Option to add typography for variable product prices separately

1.4.3 version – 11 Aug 2023

Added: Labels to Availability block and fixes for dynamic variation script

1.3 version – 27 July 2023

Added: Classic Product Filter widget

1.3 version – 3 July 2023

Added: 360 gallery
Added: 3d viewer for product gallery
Added: Fix for custom icon in cart block
Added: Multiple images for variations

1.0 version – 20 Jun 2023

Added: Ajax cart button with quantity and variations
Added: Pattern for Wholesale grid with quantity selectors
Added: Cart block is live now

1.0 version – 15 Jun 2023

Added: Support for latest Woocommerce and fix for cart script
Added: Support for Rehub theme

0.9.8 version – 10 Jun 2023

Added: Better patterns for templates
Added: Countdown block has the option to use as Woocommerce sale schedule countdown
Added: Option in Woocommerce – settings – Greenshift Tools to disable cart scripts, so your site will work as a catalogue mode

0.9.6 version – 6 Jun 2023

Added: FSE Blocks: Breadcrumbs, Store notice, catalog ordering, catalog results
Added: Better support for classic themes (tested on Blocksy and Rehub)

0.9.5 version – 27 May 2023

Added: Patterns for Single product page and Shop

0.9.4 version – 23 May 2023

Fix: Added support for Meta getter block and woocommerce swatches

0.9.3 version – 20 May 2023

Fix: Border option for Product image

0.9.2 version – 1 May 2023

Added: GS WooTools has the option to disable core woocommerce gallery scripts
Added: Improved Product gallery block with many new options
Added: Inner product rating block (link will open rating section)
Added: New pattern for woocommerce query with 2 columns on mobiles
Added: New Greenshift Woocommerce theme FSE template
Fix: Possible issues with cart button block

0.9.1 version – 14 Apr 2023

Added: Upsell Products type for Query builder and woocommerce query builder

0.9 version – 15 Mar 2023

Added: GS WooTools setting has option to enable Gutenberg for woocommerce editor (experimental)

0.7 version – 8 Mar 2023

Fix: compatibility fix for comparison icons and wishlist from Query addon

0.6 version – 1 Mar 2023

Added: compatibility with latest woocommerce version

0.5 version – 30 Dec 2022

Added: New options to Cart Button block (price removal, better units)

0.4 version – 8 Dec 2022

Added: New options to Cart Button block (it requires resaving)
Added: Focus option to Product Featured image block