Button block

Button block is universal block to make different kind of buttons. It has much more options than regular button. Let’s see some examples

This is regular button, nothing fancy

This is more advanced example with icon and subtitle + scale effect on hover

This is button with some infinite animation and shadow

Button with 3d shadow

Button with overlay hover effect

Button with pulse hover effect

Button with interactive icons

Button presets

You can use also quick presets

Button block has also additional interesting option – ability to save cookie and BODY class on click. This can turn simple button to toggle for various purposes.

Just few examples:

  1. To save user choice when he closes Exit Intent Popup
  2. To show different layouts based on user choice (grid, list, etc)
  3. To make Night mode
  4. To hide marketing, ads blocks
  5. To design elements based on user choice

Here is simple example when clicking to collapse will save user’s choice

This block will be disabled when you click on the collapse
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