Advanced Heading Block

Advanced heading is all in one tool for any kind of text. Think about it as flagship of typography on your site because it has mind blowing possibilities. Just want to show some of them.

Example of animated heading. It has 6 styles of animations: pulse, slide, scale, loading, push, clip.

Animate your heading

Also, you can add different additional elements to heading. For example, lines, borders, circles, etc

I am heading with zigzag element

Good option is ability to add circles.

You can configure also size, spacing, colors for each element

I am heading with circle number

You can also find the possibility to add dynamic highlight for Heading. If you have an Animation addon, you can also animate it

Highlighted Heading block is here

And you can add custom or predefined animations for Heading Appearance

GreenShift – Page-Building Gutenberg Blocks

You can change also shadows and even use up to 3 shadows in the same time to make 3d effects

I am heading block with 3 shadows

Also you can add Cliping mask to your headings

Image Mask

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