6.3 – 3d viewer for woocommerce, 360 gallery, multiple images for variations

6.3 is a Major update that adds many new features to Woocommerce and other improvements. Let me introduce some of them.

3d viewer, video viewer

Now, you can assign 3d files directly to the product gallery. This is supported for product gallery block and dynamic gallery block. Read more

The new block is added. Now you can make 360 viewers for product images. This is also integrated into the Product gallery block. This block has some benefits over video (but you can use also video in the gallery). It’s because the user can stop any frame and save the photo, enlarge it.

Multiple images for Variations

Woocommerce has only 1 image per variation. Woocommerce addon now improves this and allows the gallery for variations.

Dynamic content for slider and popup

Now, you can set CSS selector of item which will be copied into popup. Useful if you want to show element on desktop and make it as sliding panel/popup on mobiles

Anchors for Sliders

Now, each slider has anchor. If you add it, then slide can be accessible by link in browser

Metabox Relationship support for Query builder

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