6.2 Update – Slider animations, wheel and keyboard control, better panels

The next major update is released and here are some details

Slider update

We added many improvements in the slider and this opens the door to new things and designs. First, you can now enable Mouse Wheel (which also works on touchpads) and keyboard control. Also, Free Swipe has support for snapping. This unlocks your slider to be Full height section swiping and Once screen Full-width pages. You can also synchronize it with other sliders and make interesting designs. We added an example in Library

Another new feature – custom pagination element. In the same template, you can see that the bottom area has 01/05 pagination. It’s a custom block. You can place it in any place and design it as you want, the slider will update a number of active slides automatically.

Updated CSS transform panel and Active States

Now, it has custom units for all Shift options, so, more flexibility. Also, it has some updates in UI, and what is most interesting is – the New Active state. Now, you can add animations for the active slider, tab, accordion, Flip states, etc.

It’s working easily. Set Initial value, for example, zero opacity, and active value, for example, 1 opacity. Then, the element will be animated once the parent element will have an Active class. You can set your own class or select existing from other dynamic blocks. Check details on Slider page

Slider trigger for Animation Container

Animation Container block has an Active Slide trigger. If CSS transformation feature is not enough for you, use Animation Container. It can be useful to add more complex text effects.

Woocommerce Ajax Grid template for Wholesale sites

What is the difference between a regular woocommerce grid and a Wholesale? On wholesale sites, buyers must buy quickly from archive pages. Of course, you can use Quick View, but this is another click for buyers and another layer. Imagine that you must buy hundreds of products, variations, etc. For this purpose, we added a Button with Quantity and variations block and a special Ajax grid pattern. Now, users can buy the required amount of items and variations directly from the page without visiting the product page and without using quick view popups

Improvement for Flexbox

We continue our development phase for Productivity. So, we added a toolbar control for Flexbox. Now, it’s easier to see which kind of layout you have for inner items.

Typography Font Size Presets

Many users feel overwhelmed by different global settings. They see global presets from plugin, from theme, from WordPress Core. We put this together and give more priority to the Style editor of WordPress, in the same time we provide options to make custom presets and save them in plugin

Now, small but useful update, you can select the registered theme preset for size. To select them, uncheck the settings icon in Font Size.

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