3d Model viewer

3d model viewer is epic feature to add real 3d model directly on your page and also in AR for mobiles. This can be useful when you sell something and you want to give users to see how this product looks into their room.

This block can be also used for design purposes because it gives some WOW effect and can work on your custom backgrounds.

You will need model in .glb format and in .usdz (if you need AR for ios). All 3d programs have export option to these formats. For example, this is how it works in free Blender.

3d model viewer also has special smart loader to keep your web vitals as high as possible. It gives you option to add fallback image, so, when site is loaded, user will see image, once he starts to interact with site, 3d model and all scripts are loaded in background.

You can also enable own environment map, lights, animations and camera. Here is video about our 3d addon for Elementor, but in Greenshift, you will find identical parameters

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3 responses to “3d Model viewer”

  1. The whole plugins looks awesome, and I will for sure try it out and am thinking about switching from Elementor Pro to your Pro addon.
    As for the 3D viewer, this is so, so great! Are you planning on a wireframe view? That would be an option I really need to get rid of my current service.

    Would love to hear from you!

    All the best
    Christina McKay

    • Hi. Wireframe view is not available in google viewer script (which we use for 3d viewer now), but we are working on Spline 3d addon. I recommend to check info on site spline.design, it has a lot of interesting features.

      • Hi,

        thank you very much for your reply and pointing my to spline.design
        I am looking into this.

        Best, Christina